Variables are saying something is another thing, such as a letter, like X for X coordinates on a screen, that can be defined as 1, that would be column 1 on a screen, or 5 is = 2, you could write both of these like this:

5 = 2

X = 1

Loops, meaning code going on for an infinite amount of time until something triggers it to stop, like it calculates something for 3 loops, (in computercraft I guess that would be 3 ticks) until it figures it out and triggers a variable or if statement to something related to this:

while true do

calculated = false

if(calculated = false) then



calculated = true


so what its doing is looking for the variables boolean, then determining if its that, do that then if its that, do that other or same thing.

the "while true do" is the key of most loops, and since they have a while statement in them, the program in the loop needs to be:

indented, and such needs to have end(s)

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