Chaining is a theory about software that, with perfect timing and coordination turns two computers into one. This runs serial transmission, yet agian, with perfect timing to keep a constant flow of data between the 2 computers. With that, it would be much more effective than a network, and creating a supercomputer-ish device. This would also allow for you to transport data from one computer to another over serial transmission.

Networks with more than 2 computers that ran with this system would be amazing, but setting it up and if an error happened to occur, it could disconnect everyone. Forming bonds like this could easily increase ability for programs and file storage.

one such use could be a computer running a "Memory" program in which data could be stored by other computers to be used later.

This theory hasn't yet been tested, and was developed by Sledger721.

This theory is used daily by the real worlds "Super Computers" which in reality are many computers working together with the coordination of one master "Controlling Computer". the smaller computers have simple programs that do certain operations depending on their input commands and output to a certain area. the entire super computer is run by a single controlling computer so that reprogramming the super computer is much easier.