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The rednet API provides a capacity for Computers to communicate between themselves using a wireless modem.

To 'open' or 'close' a side to rednet, allowing or disallowing it to be used to commnuicate:

  • "side" )
  • rednet.close( "side" )

Also, to check if a side is open or closed:

  • rednet.isOpen("side")

To start running rednet (Warning, runs rednet but if rednet's already being run it will error out)


Functions for sending messages to other computers:

  • rednet.announce()
  • rednet.send( receiverID, message ) -- Send to a specific computer
  • rednet.broadcast( message ) -- Send to all computers

Functions for receiving messages:

  • rednet.receive( timeout ) -- Returns: senderID, message -- timeout is the amount of time the program will wait for an 'answer', is optional.

You can also handle the "rednet_message" event to receive messages without calling receive(), the arguments are the same as the receive() return values.