2012-02-02 22.37.27

LED lamps using redpower2

Here is something a friend and i are working on at the moment.

We plan to create an LED display.

However, we are having some problems with the programming. If anyone can offer any input on how to make the terminals stay within the program and perform their action upon recieving input from another terminal, let us know! lol

2012-02-02 22.37.40

The terminals for the purposes of this article are numbered: term1 term2 term3 from the ground up

Some pictures of the project will follow as well as updates.

I will provide the code i've written below. Bare in mind i am not a programmer, just someone who is trying his hardest to pick it up as he goes. (so please, no NOOOOOOOOB CODE comments) :)

LEDterm2 controller

Terminal 2 code