( GCCCA) (Ghostly's Custom Circuitry API) is an API created by Casper7526 to aid a mod that helps add a computer into a computer game.

How it works:

It adds a base program (ran from root) called "circuit". When you access this program it will ask you to choose the type of circuit you wish to create. It will give you the options to change the inputs and outputs and any extra data that might be needed with the circuit. It will then create a startup file with the new information automatically and ready to go the next time your computer is rebooted (or by running startup).


1 - Download GCCCA

2 - Place Inside Mods Folder

3 - Right Click -> Extract Here

-- It should add a circuit file to lua/rom/programs and a new "circuits" folder in programs as well. Which contains two circuits for use. More can be added and coded using this API.

Current Circuits:

D-FlipFlop, Inverter. (credits to FerialMinecraft for the D-FlipFlop - converted by Casper)

Learn How To Code For The API:

Coding is extremely simple and the only file you have to worry about is the one you wish to create inside the circuit folder. If you open up the "inverter" file you'll see this.(but not with the sexy documentation).

GCCCA coding

The creator will update the core API to include any custom circuitry submitted by a user, created using GCCCA