If you are like me, you like building huge contraptions in minecraft using what is available in minecraft, including modded in items. This mod expands minecraft capabilities as far as the minecraft world stretches. However, I prefer not to use the file system or external resources systems that are built into the computers. so I sat down and figured out a few projects to do with the computers that would impact my minecraft worlds immensly without using said systems.

Project1: I sat down and decided i wanted to have networks of computers working together. I designed the message structure for the computer system based on how many consoles would be in operation and ended up with a 8 bit call structure. Using that system i was able to have 7 consoles with a 5 bit long message.

Project2: I wanted to add a memory unit to my network in order to save things like prefrences and messages while the whole network was idle. I spent 5 hours working with arrays and handling software for a "Memory" computer located by the center switching station. In the end of the ordeal, the memory computer could hold 15 full length messages in its memory program. This allowed me to store messages for future use and make an Output computer with the adress 000 that would output to redstone wiring in a house. all computers were linked to the houses they were nested in but this final computer had complete control over the house and could not be accesed by the player eccept by the use of the network.

Project3: I soon discovered a fatal flaw in my memory computer idea. When minecraft shutdown, all the "RAM" was lost. A simple fix would have been to output what the memory was to a file in that worlds save folder using the file system built into the computers mod however as i stated before. I prefer no to use those external reaching systems. Instead of using a file system, I programmed a controller computer that handled reading and writing to a "RAM bank" which was comprised of 15 groups of D flipflops. The memory computers programming was altered to send and recieve messages with the controlling computer after specifying a place in memory and weather or not the memory computer wished to write to that location or recieve that locations contents. the memory then was stored always in "Hard memory" or memory which will remain after a shutdown.

The purpose for this page is to give some ideas of what can be done with the computers mod and to get the brains of those genius's out there working and thinking in new ways. If you have any amazing projects you wish to add to this page please do. Using the next highest project number Project4, Project5 etc.... I can't wait to see the amazing things people will make with this mod.