This is a list of commands in ComputerCraft for beginners.Edit

    • Computer Operation*******************************************************************
   Shutdown -Closes Computer
   Reboot -Restarts Computer
   edit **program** -Creates/Edits a Program
   delete **program** -Removes Selected Program
   lua -Takes you to a direct prompt for lua allowing you to test commands basically.
   exit() -Will take you out of ^^^^
   clear -Clears your prompt.


If you have a Disk Drive connected to your pc and you have a floppy disk inside of it you

need to know these commands!

   dir - Shows you all your directories.
   cd - Shows the directories in your disk drive.
   cd disk -Will bring you into the prompt of the floppy.

If you know that you might succeed at life... maybe.

    • COMMANDS****************************************************************************
   print("text") -Displays the text on the screen.
   write("text") -Displays the text you wrote on the screen and puts you down a line (try it out and you will       understand)

   VARIABLES! -Think of it as a place holder for a formula, number, word, or anything you want it to be really :p (EXAMPLE OF VARIABLES -> (a = 1), (b = opendoor) If you have been thru basic algebra I HOPE you know what a variable is.

   OUTPUTTING REDSTONE!! -> I know that you really want to know this because I KNOW this what you will use for mostly everything you create.

Example of outputting a redstone signal -> redstone.setOutput("direction",true)

This is an example of creating a simple program for opening a door to the right of the computer ->

edit door

(inside door program)"right",true)

2.sleep(4) --This is making the computer wait 4 seconds to continue the program."right",false)

4.os.shutdown() --Turning off computer after the program finishes.

Simple as that for opening a door with ComputerCraft.

That is all for now, if there are basic things I missed please tell me. I'm writing this at school in 5th period unable to test the formulas. I am just running off prior knowledge and felt like devoting my time to something far more important than English.

                                                                                                                                          -Forrest Gump
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